• thepetiteprepster:

    Hi y’all! Before I leave for college I wanted to do a HUGE preppy promo! Besides, I definitely need to follow some new preppy blogs. I’ve seen the same old stuff on my dashboard for weeks!

    So, here are the rules:

    • mbf me (I will check!)
    • reblogs only!


  • katespadeny:

"narragansett, rhode Island is known for it’s many beautiful beaches - but one of the best gems in this seaside community is narrow river. it’s the perfect place to soak up a summer day with a big ol’ lobsta roll from aunt carrie’s restaurant in hand!" - kristina, senior digital marketing manager #travelcolorfully

Of course, Miss Sadie decided she had to be present for the launch of Boston Belle. We would love for you to check it out!